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SU Weekend Life (The Lack Of It)


SU Weekend Life (The Lack Of It)


This past weekend as I was walking around campus, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of liveliness. Many weekends my friends go home, and since I can’t, I’m left wandering around campus by myself trying to find something to satisfy my boredom. I’ll think to myself, “Hmmmm… I have an idea. I’ll go to the Cove!” Only to realize, “Oh, wait. They don’t open until 7:30 pm.” Then since The Cove is out of the question, I’ll decide to go check out the various on campus activities. I  realize that there is absolutely nothing to do.The only weekend activities are the frat parties, which take place at night. Fraternity nightlife is fun, but I need something to keep me occupied during the day. Aside from doing homework, I’m left staring at the walls waiting for Southwestern to become fun. I would binge Netflix… but the wifi is still not working (read my article on Southwestern’s notorious internet problems). Also, with Moodle’s unending weekend maintenance, doing my homework is out of the question too. *Single teardrop*–whether from joy or sadness, you’ll never know.

 The only exciting thing about Southwestern is that it is only 30 minutes away from Austin. Although the short distance makes trips to Austin easy, with mounting gas expenses, it quickly becomes costly for college students. So, eating at comms becomes imperative, but the Comms weekend hours don’t really provide us with much help in regards to food expenses. In a way, living on campus allows students to not have to worry about food expenses, since we have already paid for a meal plan. So… we get to eat at comms…right? *Eyeroll.* Unfortunately,  Comms closes at 7:30 pm on the weekends, so sometimes utilizing our meal plan is not an option. We may have pirate bucks to spend at the cove, after waiting all day for it to open, but due to how expensive the Cove is, that money runs out fast. Also, even if I decide to waste my pirate bucks at the Cove on a subpar burger, I wouldn’t have friends to go with since they all left this boring campus for the weekend. So, students either have to spend money eating out, or they have to microwave a sad looking dinner in their dorm. The bottom line is that there is absolutely nothing to do on the weekends at Southwestern.

Photo by Iris Danelley

Southwestern needs to plan more daytime activities on the weekend. Daytime activities such as mixers would encourage students to meet new people. It would be nice to have an event where students can eat food, listen to music, and enjoy new company. The fact that the only thing to do on the weekend is go to frat parties is ridiculous and embarrassing. Granted, there are events on some weekends led by different on campus organizations, but they are not often and are not well announced around campus. Not everyone likes to party–those who do, go,– but not everyone likes to smell body odor and awkwardly dance to the same life-draining frat playlist. If I enjoyed dancing to crappy music with random people, then I wouldn’t be complaining. But the only way to “#BeSouthwestern” on the weekend is to be a part of Greek Life. 

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