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About Us

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The Megaphone was established in 1907 to provide a platform for the students of Southwestern University. Since then, the writers and editors of the paper have worked to develop student writing and foster a community-wide dialogue on the important issues of the day. The views expressed herein do not necessarily express the views of Southwestern University, its faculty, its staff, its students, its trustees or its administration.


SAM RUSSEK is a senior majoring in English, Spanish and Latin American Border Studies with a minor in Psychology. His reporting has also been published in Latinx Spaces. This is his fourth year with the paper and his first as Editor-in-Chief. After graduating he plans to pursue his MFA in Creative Writing.

Photography Manager

NATALIE YOUNG is a Sociology and Communications double major and an Art minor. She’s always been interested in art and graphic design, and has been taking photos for the Megaphone since her freshman year, two years ago. In the future, she would like to pursue a career in marketing and public relations.

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

AIDEN STEINLE is a Junior majoring in Mathematics and Financial Economics with a minor in Studio Art. This is his third year with the Megaphone, and first as Assistant Editor in Chief. He finds journalism very important in the digital age of growing misinformation, and hopes it can continue to inform and enlighten the public. His career goals are to continue in Mathematics and work towards a PhD.

Arts & Entertainment Editor

TRINH HA is a senior pursuing a Psychology major and an English minor. She is captain of the Women’s Cross Country Team and has a passion for all things health and fitness. Her goal for the Megaphone this year is to bring to light the amazing things that Georgetown has to offer as well. She has been a part of the Megaphone for three years.

Opinions Editor

RAMISH NADEEM is a senior from Denton, TX pursuing his Bachelor of Arts in Economics with minors in Mathematics and Art History. He works as a community organizer in reproductive justice spaces, hopes to continue his work in financial analysis in wealth management after graduating, and eventually aims to attend graduate school in applied mathematics.

Business Manager

SHERLYN ONG is a senior at Southwestern University. She double-majors in Business and Music. She has spent three years as a writer for the Megaphone and one year as Business Manager. Sherlyn enjoys playing piano and singing in the choir, and making art. She is currently considering a future career as a music director.

Sports Editor


Sports Editor