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The Wifi Crashed As I Wrote This Art–


The Wifi Crashed As I Wrote This Art–


Hey Southwestern, aren’t we in the 21st century? The 2020’s? At this point in time WiFi is essential, especially for us students. Everyone has some sort of technology— whether it’s a cell phone, tablet, computer, or laptop, or TV. We NEED access to the internet to do our schoolwork. Since this is the case, why are there so many unresolved issues with Southwestern’s wifi? Why are there so many general software issues with Moodle? Doesn’t Southwestern see that students need to have reliable access to these things in order to be successful? I’m here to complain about the constant issues that are experienced with the internet and with Moodle. Yes, there are a number of other software/websites that don’t work well at Southwestern, but these are the two main things that are needed by every student in order to be successful.

 My first impression of SU’s WiFi was definitely not good… students were given sucky instructions on how to connect to it. First, we needed to make an account, then add the amount of devices we want on our account. AND THEN, as if that’s not enough– we had to go through a series of obnoxiously tedious tasks to ensure we stay connected. All for what? Just for the internet to not work. Or, if you are lucky, it will work at the speed of a snail! We are just about halfway through this semester, and I have received yet another email regarding the maintenance of the internet. This means that the internet will be even slower during the maintenance. Southwestern students NEED reliable internet. I shouldn’t have to get off the internet just for my phone to load. I shouldn’t have to connect to my phone’s hotspot (using up valuable data!) to submit my work. Thankfully, the majority of the professors are understanding and do what they can when students are dealing with internet hiccups. This is so frustrating. I mean, we are paying thousands of dollars in tuition to ensure we get quality education. Our tuition is supposed to include reliable internet. 

The internet isn’t the only thing giving students issues: We also have to deal with the irritating antics of Moodle. Ah, yes, the very slow, hectic website where our assignments are due, and where our grades are provided. At first, I complained about the complexity and boring setup of Moodle, but more issues have arisen. There have been a number of times that Moodle just doesn’t load. It leaves me with this annoying loading circle in the corners of my screen. We pay so much money only for our assignments to look as though they were submitted late. This is frustrating for both students and professors. Everyone needs the website to work in order to complete work in a timely manner.  

Listen, Southwestern University is a great institution for higher education. We MOSTLY have the necessary resources needed to be successful students but not entirely. For the most part, I have no complaints about the staff or the school in general, but Southwestern needs to fix the online side of our school. We are in a technologically advanced era. This means there definitely has to be ways to make the internet and Moodle faster and more efficient. We as a student body should demand that changes are made to both Wifi and Moodle. It’s the 21st century, we NEED the internet in order to access Moodle. We also NEED Moodle, since this is where all of our assignments and grades are located. Our tuition pays for the IT department, so it’s time that we stand up and demand for things to change. 

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