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Did you know that there is more than one Kit Kat flavor?


Did you know that there is more than one Kit Kat flavor?


Kit Kats are a commonplace snack in many parts of the world including the US. However, did you know that apart from the common milk chocolate Kit Kats that you usually find in the grocery store, there are many other flavors of Kit Kats?

In the US the most common derivations you can find are usually just dark chocolate and white chocolate Kit Kats, but in Japan, they produce over 60 different types of Kit Kats in some of the most unusual flavors you have ever seen. Some flavors tend to make more sense, including things like Cappuccino, Royal Milk Tea, Creme Brulee or even Cheesecake. However, some of the other flavors are really odd since they include things like Wasabi, Miso Soup, Soy Sauce, Sake, Red Bean, Watermelon, Passion fruit and many other weird options!

Kit Kats were initially introduced to the Japanese market in 1973, and by 2014, it grew to become the top-selling confection in the country. Kit Kats were so successful in Japan since their name coincidentally worked as a false cognate with “Kitto Katsu” which means “You will surely win” in Japanese. Market research has found that as a result of that false cognate, Japanese people tend to correlate the brand with good luck charms, particularly amongst students who have exams. In fact, in 2005, Kit Kat’s “Lucky Charm” advertising campaign in Japan actually won the Asian Brand Marketing Effectiveness Award. With the popularity of Kit Kats, the manufacturers also came up with many different flavors for the Japanese market. In general, the Japanese people enjoy consuming products of many different flavors. This applies to many different products, including Pepsi, ice cream and even Pringles. Hence, this approach was no different for Kit Kats.

These varied flavors of Kit Kats were also sometimes restricted to specific regions with specific flavors. Sometimes, they even sell some limited edition varieties. For example, in 2015, they sold 500 single-finger bitter chocolate Kit Kats that were wrapped in gold leaf. Impressively, they sold these particular versions for $16 in high-end retail stores. In addition, they also sell Kit Kats in different forms on occasion. This includes selling Kit Kats in bite-size bits or even putting Kit Kats in ice cream.

While some of the more absurd Kit Kats are not commonly found in the US, you can still find some of these flavors in asian markets. This includes ones like green tea, strawberry, raspberry and even red bean occasionally. If you are interested, you should definitely try some of these cool flavors! It may give you a pleasant surprise!


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