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Weird Food Combinations (that people actually enjoy)


Weird Food Combinations (that people actually enjoy)


Some foods pair together as if they were the most natural thing. For example, we consume food combinations like fries and ketchup, oreos and milk, waffles and syrup, peanut butter and jelly, and many others in our everyday lives. Over the years, people have created some new and weird food combinations that they have grown to love. However their love is often considered gross, and often not shared with the general public. Many people find some of these combinations off-putting and hard to swallow (pun unintended).

1. Ice Cream and Fries

Out of the many combinations, ice cream and fries tends to be a fairly well accepted combination. Ice cream and fries mix together to create an unexpectedly pleasing salty-sweet combo. The two also possess an interesting dynamic as they provide different temperatures, giving this combination an interesting mix of hot and cold as well. This particular combination seems to be growing in popularity and may continue to catch on.

2. Cheetos and Milk

Usually when people think about pairing foods with milk, they think of things like oreos, cereal or even brownies. But apparently, some people enjoy the combination of cheetos and milk. While this combination may seem weird, in some ways, it makes sense since you are combining the cheese-y and savory quality of the cheetos with the neutral dairy milk. It almost becomes like eating a cheese-y cereal. Some people actually claim that it is very similar to Captain Crunch.

3. Pizza and Chocolate

Pizza is already an unhealthy food as it is, but add chocolate to the mix, and apparently it creates a great combination! Some people actually like how the chocolate mixes with the cheese and sauce on the pizza. Since pizza is typically a savory food, some people find it odd to add sweet chocolate to the mix. However, it seems like some people find this pairing very appealing!

4. Apples with Salt and Pepper

People often add Tajin chilli flakes to their fruits, but most have not heard about adding salt and pepper to apples. Apparently, salt and pepper really enhances the flavor profiles of an apple. Salt and pepper can be added to both red apples that are sweet, and green apples that are more sour. Ground black pepper is bitter and has a mild heat, so that adds an additional flavor profile to the apples, making them an even more exciting snack.

5. Avocado and Chocolate

In recent years, avocado has grown increasingly popular as a new superfood. People have begun to add avocado to almost everything, including things like bread, salad, drinks and many more! But… have you heard of avocado and chocolate? Initially, this combination may seem weird, but if you think about it, avocado possesses a creamy and rich texture, which makes the addition of chocolate create a sort of pudding creation. Additionally, since avocados tend to be mild in flavor, adding chocolate adds sweetness to this potential snack.

6. Cheese and Tea

With a recent craze of adding cheese to foods, many asian countries have started the trend of adding cheese to tea. You can actually choose between various types of tea and they serve them cold after topping them up with some cheese. The cheese tends to be of a more liquidy consistency and has more sweet undertones than regular sandwich cheese. People are often encouraged to sip the cheese, or combine the cheese together with their tea in a sort of creamer fashion.

7. Fries with Honey

Similar to fries and ice cream, fries and honey are another example of a combination of sweet and salty foods that pair together unexpectedly well. Honey on fries is almost akin to ketchup on fries, but just a much heavier and sweeter condiment. It could also potentially be compared to sweet potato fries that are also a sweet and savory combination! Whatever it is, it definitely garners some fans!

While most of us typically follow the conventional food combinations, some of us have ventured off into more unusual ones and have discovered some gems. These examples really do demonstrate how we can end up finding new and exciting additions to our food choices if we simply try new combinations. So what are you waiting for? Try some new food combinations today!


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