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The Pirates Blaze the Tigers at the Last Game

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The Pirates Blaze the Tigers at the Last Game


After a week of widely varying temperatures, the Pirates took on the Sewanee Tigers at Birkelbach Field and beat them 24-0. On top of honoring Veterans for Veterans Day, this game was dedicated as the “Senior Game.” The 19 graduating seniors lined up together with their families for a name-calling and recognition ceremony.

The Pirates began their first drive with explosive power, aggressively closing the distance between them and scoring their first points. Unfortunately for them, their hopes were cut short when Tiger #17 Harris Cravens intercepted the ball in the endzone. 

For the rest of the half, the game became a defensive stalemate. While the Tigers mainly relied on stopping plays past the line of scrimmage, the Pirates capitalized on their pocket pressure. Throughout the game, #2 Senior Jason Lund and #92 Senior Maliq McDonald forced a total of 31 negative Tiger yards. Even when the Tigers neared dangerously close to a touchdown, Pirate #11 Senior Peyton Ludemann gave a taste of their own medicine with an endzone interception. It was a great day for the “Seniors Game” as these boys finished their last game with fire.

After a seemingly lackluster 0-0 first half, the Pirates turned on their jets. On their first possession of the half, Pirate #20 Leroy Rodriguez scored a 15-yard rushing touchdown. Two drives later, Pirate #27 Junior Charlie Fournier makes a 43-yard field goal. To secure Pirate victory, both #15 First-Year Jaylen Spriggs and #8 Senior Damian Gomez made QB keeper touchdowns. When the game clock hit 0, the Pirates and Tigers shook hands as the scoreboard behind resonated the 24-0 victory.

Photo by Carolyn Bray

While we congratulate the Pirates for having a successful season, let us also acknowledge the Southwestern Pep Band that supported the team at every home game. Even with their small band of performers, the Pep Band played their hearts out after every turnover, key play, and–of course–Pirate touchdown. Together, the Pep Band, Cheer Team, and Pom Squad entertained the crowd and cheered on the unrelenting players. 

“This is my second fall playing in the Pep Band,” senior Scott Hampton said. “Honestly, it has been a great ride. It was always fun to perform together with my peers, especially at the games we win.” Hampton also wanted to specifically shout out Director Sewell, Professor Caswell, and Professor Washington for shaping them into the band they currently are. “My only regret is not joining the Pep Band sooner.” After graduation, Scott plans to continue playing the trombone.

“I started organizing the Pep Band…a while ago,” mentioned Laura Sewell, Director of the Sarofim School of Fine Arts. “We get new players every year, both beginner and experienced players. But our main focus is to welcome them to our family, where everyone has a voice and can have fun.”

When asked what her favorite moments from this year were, Sewell fondly recalls the “various opportunities that [she] was able to play with the band. Nowhere else [has she] seen the director play with their students. And not only [her], but all staff, faculty, and community members play alongside the students.”

Sewell also wanted to thank the Pirate Football team and the University for their continued support that has allowed them to perform at these games. As for the rest of the academic year and beyond, she aims to expand the program to have more players and perform at various other events.

“Apart from showing the players their appreciation, the Southwestern community can support the Pep Band through donations. Since the band is a student organization, we receive a fixed budget that can only go toward repairing an instrument or two. With donations from the community, we can acquire more equipment and allow more players to perform.”

The Pirates will return next fall reinvigorated and pumped to take on their opponents and light up the field.

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