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A Football Dummy’s Play by Play of SU’s Homecoming Game

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A Football Dummy’s Play by Play of SU’s Homecoming Game


This is the moment we have been waiting for; in 5…4…3…2…finally, the nachos are ready! Oh right—onto the football game! It’s the 114th annual Homecoming at Southwestern, and students and alumni have come from all parts (the foreign land of the Mundy Parking lot to the arctic walls of the Cove), and all levels of football jargon to see the undeniable spirit that lives in the SU community. The weather is 100 degrees—perfect for fighting over a deformed ball. Pirate men are armored in pads, and being screamed at by their coaches and overheated fans in the stands – it sounds like a dream. From intense battles on the field to a Barbie performance, SU football games can entertain even the most non-athletic of people. The 2023 Homecoming game was definitely not one to miss! 

Up in the stands…way up, where everyone is desperately seeking shade from being fried, students and alumni eagerly watch the ancient tradition of “football” unfold. From this view, the field looks like a gameboard, and the players are little game pieces. The game begins, and while there are many avid fans, confused watchers with little to no knowledge about football (like me), seek to piece the puzzling game together. Ironically, being that the game is called football, they don’t use their feet to kick the ball! Well, sometimes they do, when the very talented “designated ball kicker” kicks the weirdly shaped ball through the metal looking fork thing, and the crowd goes crazy! Then–and this is my favorite part–someone on the field yells “DOGPILE,” and all the players dive together in a mush of tangled limbs and lovely conversation (at least that is what appears to be happening, and the words shared between players seem very enthusiastic and sincere).  

However, football action isn’t limited to the brawling men on the fields. Throughout the game, despite the sun heating their instruments, the Southwestern Pep Band provides amazing music in support of the Southwestern team!  First year Audrey Thimesch plays with the band for all the home games, and told the Megaphone, “My favorite part of homecoming is definitely the Pep Band, I might be a little biased, but it’s so fun coming together as a group of musicians and alumni and playing for our awesome team!” 

Spirit isn’t only spread by the pep band, the SU cheerleaders are the perfect accompaniment to the blast of trumpets and trombones.  

Photo by Carolyn Bray

“Homecoming, of course, we know everyone tries to make it out here and I’d say, the main difference that we experience in cheer is our half time show and tailgating,” cheerleader Austin Gordon says.  The Megaphone asked Austin if he believed that braving the Texas sun was worth it to come and support our team. “Oof… That is a tough question!” Austin says, “If you are a true Southwestern football fan, I would say so. Even if you’re not, it’s still fun, and we have a few spots that are in the shade. You can always come for parts of the game and, of course, the halftime show, so yes – I think it’s worth it!” The cheerleaders perform an amazing half-time show; they’re just a bunch of Barbies, plus a certain pirate, Ken, in a Barbie world. Yes, their performance was Barbie inspired.  

The cheerleaders have amazing pep, but they are not the only ones with pirate cheer! Football dad, Fernie Rizo, starts his own chants in support of his injured son #37, Caden Rizo, and the rest of the Southwestern Pirate football family. “We’re big football fanatics,” Fernie says, “It’s awesome to see the traditions that happen here in Georgetown at Southwestern University.” The Megaphone asked Fernie why his family said yes to joining our Southwestern community and why they chose to partake in the tradition of our homecoming. “The support. My son really liked it, the atmosphere, the campus, everything about Southwestern. It’s got that homely feeling; he feels right at home.” 

Southwestern holds the title for the first ever homecoming in Texas, dating back to April 21, 1909. 114 years later, the Georgetown community still takes immense pride in supporting our amazing school. The collective “ooh’s” whenever the players collide, the unified cheering, and the shared concern of any hurt pirate on the field prove that we are a family here at SU. We brave the Texas sun together and openly welcome any and all supporters…even those with little to no knowledge of football! 


  1. Lainie Siegel September 27, 2023

    Love this article!

  2. Alivia H September 27, 2023

    ADDISON you’re such an amazing, stunning, astounding, marvelous, and phenomenal writer!! That’s my roommate! :))) 🤠😚😻🤩💅🌞🧀🏈💁‍♀️

  3. Megan Frisque September 27, 2023

    Thanks for sharing this story! It was fun to read. 🙂
    A little note for correction… Southwestern holds the title for the first Homecoming of any college or university (not just those in Texas)!


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