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Fancams of Biden and Harris replace most policy – April Fools!


Fancams of Biden and Harris replace most policy – April Fools!


In an effort to appeal to Millennials and Gen Z, fancams of Biden and Harris replace most policymaking in the White House. Fancams are videos made by supporters and the White House media team of the President and the Vice president walking around stylishly. Take that, Trump! A new war is brewing on the domestic ground: the fashion war between the Democrats and Republicans in our country. While Trump preferred to golf for exercise, Biden and Harris enjoy walking. 

Other than the stimulus bill release, this seems to be the only major policy that Harris and Biden have put out so far. People who feared that the country would be “too liberal,” don’t have much to fear about right now. Recent footage of Biden tripping up the stairs of an airplane got more coverage than any of their recent minor bills. The snazzy suits of the president and vice president and the dazzling white smile of Biden propel them to win the election on fashion policy. Pantsuit and Teeth Whitener 2024?  Check out this promotional video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMefLtwcA/

Happy April Fools!

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