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Demon Slayer: Recap of what you missed before season 2

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Demon Slayer: Recap of what you missed before season 2


Netflix recently put Demon Slayer on their streaming platform and it is getting hype. With growing hype around the series, an official announcement has been released by the creators that a season 2 will be released in 2021. So, what did you miss?


Demon Slayer follows the life of Tanjiro, a 12-year-old boy who comes back to his home to find his family has been attacked and killed by a demon except for his sister, Nezuko. While noticing she is the lone survivor it also becomes clear to the audience that she has been changed into a demon during the attack. While leaving the tragedy he swears he will avenge his family’s death and find a cure for Nezuko.

Tanjiro follows a series of trials and tribulations in becoming a demon slayer in revenge for his family’s death. He has a powerful mentor who learns of his secret, he is carrying around a demon too.

While the demons in the show are made out to lack humanity and harm anyone in their sight, Nezuko is clearly different. She shows extreme restraint and rushes to Tanjiro’s defense when fighting. When learning this, his mentor allows it but it must be kept a secret from the Demon Slayer Corp due to the unbelievable nature of Nezuko’s situation. 

Tanjiro fights and trains and finally prove himself worthy once he uses his sword to chop through a boulder (the ultimate test) and begins to enter the real demon slayer world where he must hit the ground running.

In his journey of becoming a demon slayer and finding a cure for his sister, he is found out by the Demon Slayer Corp for protecting Nezuko, who although his sister is still a demon. This creates a new set of challenges that will further present themselves in season 2.

So, where do we leave off? A large train nearby is rumored to have been the sight for demon sightings and multiple deaths, and the Demon Slayer Corp sends Tanjiro on the mission.

Season 2 will take viewers on more adventures with deadlier demons and an increasing need to protect and cure Nezuko. 

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