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Alex Thompson’s Senior Exhibit “Parish”

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Alex Thompson’s Senior Exhibit “Parish”


Alex Thompson’s photography senior exhibition series titled “Parish” uses line, color, and space in order to bring to life the idea of the natural world and human life merging together. This photographic series reveals the way in which humans ever growing need for power and materialistic items ultimately destroys nature and its pure relationship with humans. But her photographs also reveal the power nature has of reclaiming all living being on Earth.   

Thompson’s use of line and shape creates an alternate imaginative universe for the viewer to escape within. Elements of symmetry and reflection draw the viewer’s eyes toward the focal point of each photograph. Thompson does an extraordinary job of using lines and angles in order to capture a unique perspective, creating an intimate connection with each viewer. The use of dark color and pure white tones create a serious tone of melancholy and purity. The seemingly raw and natural beauty captured between human and nature is an unusual yet enticing project to gaze at. The way in which each portrait uses a strict two to three color tone reduces any distractions and ensures that the viewers eye is drawn to the action that the human is taking and natures role in each. The white in this works to engulf the humans in each piece in different ways as they exist within natures structures. The cloth becomes damp over time revealing the inevitability of nature to over power mans selfish foolishness. Through Thompson’s use of space, the photographs as a whole look limitless. The blank space left open within multiple photographs within the collection reveal a space like transparency in the background visuals especially. Overall Thompson’s senior exhibit brought to life the natural and human world, merging together two worlds in a seamless unique way that everyone should see for themselves.

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