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Abigail Jendrusch’s Exhibition “Ungodly”

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Abigail Jendrusch’s Exhibition “Ungodly”


Abigail Jendrusch’s senior fall exhibition, “Ungodly”, displays the religion of Catholicism in combination with Carnival life in a unique and powerful art piece. Her exhibit consists of hand sculptured porcelain pieces, with glaze coating tops, and surface panels decorated with bright stained glass pieces. She expertly unites color, shape, and texture to convey the power of the Catholic faith on society through her lively animated porcelain pieces.

The dark and earthy hues of the glazes Jendrusch choses to use on the porcelain pieces evoke a morbid, yet serious tone, while the contrasting bright and vivid colors of the stained glass surfaces bring a carnivalesque humor to the exhibit. By contrasting the somber colors of the glazes with the exciting, luminous tones of the stained glass and underglazes, the exhibit evokes a mindset of a liberating society, freed from the assumptions of a dominant style, or atmosphere, of Catholicism through humor and chaos. 

The shapes and texture of the porcelain characters are uniquely animated and created with a lifelike yet mythical style. Each piece in the art exhibit is a bit wild and untamed, not held back by artistic restrictions. The idea or message Jendrusch’s art presents can be seen as a metaphor for the way religion is viewed and encroaches on the youth of our society. In implementing the carnival style of living, Jendrusch reveals to viewers that there is always room for expression and being who you are in a mundane world, that is so often restricted by regulation and norms, especially in  regards to religion and life. 

Overall, Jendrusch’s exhibition is as interesting to look at, as it is to think about. Jendrusch’s exhibit cleverly demonstrates the powers of Catholicism in society today and how restrictions they impose on our spiritual expression resembles  that of the whimsical life of the carnival. You will not regret seeing this exhibition and will be delightfully enlightened by this young artist’s skill and insight.

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  1. Robert Addington January 4, 2020

    When this exhibition held?


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