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Alex Thompsons and Abigail Jendrush’s Senior Show

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Alex Thompsons and Abigail Jendrush’s Senior Show


The Southwestern senior art show opening was a success for both Alex Thompson and
Abigail Jedrush. Both had a tremendous show of support from fellow students, family members,
and friends. Also provided was a pretzel bar which was certainly a delicious treat and the perfect
salty snack to have while viewing unique pieces of art.
Alex Thompson’s photographic series titled “Parish brings to life the idea of the natural
world and human life merging together. This photographic series reveals the way in which
humans ever growing need for power and materialistic items ultimately destroys nature and its
pure relationship with humans. But her photographs also reveal the power nature has of
reclaiming all living being on Earth.
Abigail Jendrusch’s senior fall exhibition, “Ungodly”, displays the religion of
Catholicism in combination with Carnival life in a unique and powerful art piece. Her exhibit
consists of hand sculptured porcelain pieces, with glaze coating tops, and surface panels
decorated with bright stained glass pieces.
Both artists did an excellent job presenting their artwork and mingling with supporters.
Alex Thompson and Abigail Jendrush are examples of the high quality artists that come out of
Southwestern University. No doubt both artists will continue creating amazing things after
graduation. Make sure to go check out their exhibitions located in the Fine Arts Center.

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