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Lamppost Coffee: Very Grey and Very Good


Lamppost Coffee: Very Grey and Very Good


Located on South Main Street, just around the corner from the Williamson County Courthouse, Lamppost Coffee opened August 2019, and has been recommended to me ever since. On a rainy Thursday afternoon, I found myself with a fresh pocket of spare change itching to be spent and a longing for a good coffee shop atmosphere to lift my mood. What better place to go than this newfangled café?

Taken by Mackenzie Spence

On first impressions, Lamppost was a lot more stark and minimalist than I had expected. I had never heard of the coffee shop before their move to Georgetown, so had no idea what to expect of the interior. A little nook in the wall made up of grey walls, grey tables, and grey counters is not what I expected. With some hope that the drinks might make up for the subdued environment, I looked to the menu to peruse the limited offerings. The various lists of expensive coffees and short row of teas did not improve my reception of the new coffee shop. However, the staff were very welcoming and helpful, given that there were only two of them operating the very crowded bar. I ordered the signature Lamba Latte and a pumpkin muffin out of the display case to ease my midday munchies. My drink was ready for me not even five minutes after I completed the transaction, complete with pretty latte art. 

The Requisite Instagram Photo by Mackenzie Spence

After taking the requisite instagram pictures of my very attractive coffee and muffin, I took a tentative sip of the drink. I am not really a coffee drinker, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed my latte. It was sweet and milky, the only way I can take my coffee. It didn’t have that strong bitterness that makes most coffee intolerable to me. Instead it was light and creamy, with a shot of flavor that reminded me of a cinnamon roll. The pumpkin muffin was also delicious, with a fresh homemade quality that is impossible to get from a chain coffee store. The total cost of my muffin and latte came out to $9.00 with tip, a little bit more than I’m used to spending but not unreasonably so. 

Even if the atmosphere wasn’t really to my tastes, the quality of the food more than made up for it. I’ll have to return again to see if their chai latte can meet my unreasonably high standards for tea. Overall, I recommend Lamppost Coffee as a good place to stop for a latte to go while perusing the Square or commuting to class.


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