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Band of Pirates


Band of Pirates


If what you missed at football games was the marching band, you’re in luck! Over the summer Southwestern University students put together a drum line for our Southwestern football games that developed into a full band! Students have been trying off and on since the football program started back up to form a pep band for games, but this is the first time it has gotten off the ground and onto the bleachers. The leader of all of this and the band conductor, Shelby Toliver says “We had some resemblance of a pep band here and there, but none as sturdy and successful as this one. I think that’s in part from knowing that people have tried before… it made us more determined.” They hope that they will continue to be supported by students not only in the bleachers but also by them joining the band. Interested in participating? They currently practice on Monday and Friday from 7:00pm to 8:00pm. They want the student body to know that it does not matter if you have any musical talent, or have never played an instrument before, they want you in their band! They are willing to teach anybody how to play drums or really anything as long as they want to join. Shelby says “I promise it’s not scary!” Current members are happy to help guide and teach people who want to join. The sponsor of this wonderful pep band is Glenn Schwab, the associate athletic director, who has worked hard to get this program started. If you are looking for them in the stands at a football game you can find them in the student section, right in front of the pom squad. If you have any questions or are looking for a new club to join, email Shelby Toliver at tolivers@southwestern.edu.

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