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Women’s Team Beats TLU Rival: Marking the 100th Win of Coach Hamilton’s Coaching Career


Women’s Team Beats TLU Rival: Marking the 100th Win of Coach Hamilton’s Coaching Career


Friday the 13th proved to be bad luck for TLU and a super win for the Southwestern Pirates’. The SU women’s team seized the win against long- time rival TLU. Though it was a non-conference game, the crisp win (3- 0) added a boost of confidence, and a warning to teams that have yet to face the fierce Southwestern Pirates. The first goal was scored in the seventh minute of the game by Alexis Guajardo, a first year forward. With her quick skill and determination, she beat the defensive line and placed the ball straight into the back of the net.  The next goal was scored by junior midfielder, Katey Ewton in the thirty-sixth minute of the first half. After a quick race across the field Ewton chipped the ball over the keeper and into the goal, completing the second score of the game. The final goal of the game came from freshman Alexis Guajardo and was assisted by sophomore Whitney Whithill. Whithill dribbled the ball past two center midfielders, cut the ball around the last line of defense, then shot at the goal. As the ball came within a foot of the goal line, Guajardo swooped in and completed the goal. Ensuring the win for the Southwestern Pirates. This was Guajardo’s second goal of the game and Whithill’s first assist of the year. After the game I caught up with senior team captains, Mary Cardone and Mallory Harkins, and discussed how the team prepared for the game and how they were preparing to win the ultimate goal, the SCAC championship. 

Emily Schmalstieg: What do you believe helped to solidify the win of today’s game?

Mary Cardone: Hard work, effort, and determination. TLU is always a physical game, so we kept that in mind this week during practice.

Mallory Harkins: The week leading up to the game we battled and put forth a lot of effort in order to properly prepare each other for the physicality of today’s game. 

E.S.: Did you accomplish the goals set forth by the team before the game?

M.H.: Overall, yes, we had a successful game which is always the goal. Not only did we win on the score board be we won because we had more practice playing together, and team cohesion is already proving to be great. The beginning of the year is always an adjustment with a large group of incoming freshman joining the team. Everyone is figuring out how to work well with one another. This game proved that team cohesion is already strong and is only going to get stronger as the start of the season continues.

E.S.: Looking at how well the team has been doing so far, do you think this will be the year that you finally beat Trinity and win the SCAC conference Championship?

M.C: I have no doubt that this year, we will win the conference tournament. M.H.: We are already off to a great start. If we keep putting forth the effort everyday in practice and show up to every game with the right mindset we will beat Trinity and win the SCAC Conference Championship.


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