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Warmer Days: A Poem of Gratitude

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Warmer Days: A Poem of Gratitude


I saw the shift from spring to winter,

and hoped for warmth to fill up my plate.

Up ahead was a freezing December,

but this time, I chose not to hide or hibernate.

And in my journey, I began to find warmth;

In the tightly knitted red sweater’s fabric,

in the subtle heat from a lit-up yellow lamp,

and in the burning embers that produced fire.

This I cannot survive without, so I am grateful.

But in my search for warmth to survive the cold,

I also found intangibles that I now dearly hold.

I realized that true and kind emotions from within,

were warmer to the heart, than to my skin.

And there I felt content, joy, and love;

In the hot cinnamon tea, you made to heal my aching,

in the gray jacket, you offered to stop my shivering,

and in the gentle hug that was warm and reassuring.

This I cannot live without, so I am thankful.

When cold winter prevails everywhere,

perhaps, warmth is meant to be shared.

I no longer wish to spend the warmth from a summer day’s memory,

for I have finally found warmth even on a perfectly cold wind’s melody.

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