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The Biggest Event of Homecoming Weekend Lives Up to the Hype

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The Biggest Event of Homecoming Weekend Lives Up to the Hype


The highly anticipated Homecoming tailgate and football game was held on Saturday September 23. Birklebach Field was packed with a ton of alumni, students, and faculty in a sea of black and yellow. The Pirate football team showed up and showed out, earning their first win of the football season with a score of 43-20 against the Panthers.

Before the game, several organizations set up tents with food, merchandise, and some even had mini games. There was a mix of SU-affiliated organizations, such as Greek life, and corporate sponsors, such as SportsClips.

“We’ve repainted all of our letters,” sophomore Tri-Delta member Andie Abell said. “We had to find a sponsor to cook our food. We had to figure out who was going to be able to come to set up and who was able to come to take down. We had to paint our banner. So I would say [we needed] about a week or two, definitely a good two weeks of prep [for the tailgate].” 

Just as the excitement started to pick up, the yellow buses transporting the Pirate football team drove in. The Pirates were announced by the DJ, and everyone cheered as they ran down a man-made path.

“I think there’s a lot of school spirit and that’s a little infectious, so win or lose, I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun.” said junior Alpha Phi Omega member Emma Duncan.

The game kicked off with the SU Chorale singing the National Anthem beautifully. Afterwards, the cheer team, pep band, and football teams got into position. The game had officially begun.

It was a long battle of first downs, touchdowns, and field injuries but the Pirates powered through. The Pirates started leading the way by going 75 yards at 4:38 in the first quarter with a score of 7-0, courtesy of first-year quarterback Jaylen Spriggs. Despite the BSU Panther’s 82 yard touchdown, the Pirates blocked the point after touchdown courtesy of senior defensive end Jason Lund, keeping them in the lead. Spirits remained high as the Pirates scored 4 more times in the first half, bringing their score to 26-6. 

The second half was just as eventful as the first half with the Panthers slightly catching up to the Pirates, bringing the score to 26-13 with another 82 yard touchdown. The Pirates did not let this stop them, earning a field goal courtesy of Junior Kicker/Punter Charlie Fournier and bringing their score up to 29-13 during the third quarter. 

Despite some injuries sustained on the field and a disqualification, the Pirates finished the fourth quarter strong by bringing their score up to the winning total of 43 points, including two rushing touchdowns courtesy of senior quarterback Damien Gomez. Excitement and yelling rang through the stands as it was announced that the Pirates had won. The events of that day proved that braving the above 100 degree heat was definitely worth it.

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