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Hiking in the Georgetown Area


Hiking in the Georgetown Area


Central Texas’s geography consists of limestone and granite hills, rising 400 to 500 feet above the surrounding plain levels. For this reason, the Hill Country is ideal for recreational hiking. For example, San Gabriel River Trail, located only thirty minutes off of Southwestern’s campus, is a scenic path running through the forest alongside North Fork Lake. Hikers can get to San Gabriel River Trail by mapping to Russell Park via Apple Maps. The route is lined with cacti and evergreens and has a multitude of scenic viewpoints overlooking the lake. The trail width is ideal, wide enough for two or three people to walk side by side without anyone falling into surrounding trees or shrubbery. During the warmer months, hikers can easily take a quick detour and swim in North Fork Lake before continuing their trek.

Photo by Logan Ferguson

Another hiking spot, situated a mere eight minutes from Southwestern University, is Pickett Trail. This hidden gem pathway runs alongside the San Gabriel River. Hikers can get to Pickett Trail simply by mapping to Pickett Trail via Apple Maps. According to Texas Hiking, the trail is a mile long with a 250 foot elevation gain. The only concern I encountered on this hike was that the trail grew very thin and less defined in certain areas. This resulted in some confusion as to which offshooting segment was the main trail. I took a few wrong turns that led to dead ends. The width of the trail also caused my legs to brush up against a multitude of unknown plant species (fortunately, no poison ivy that I’m aware of). 

In conclusion, I had a fun and memorable experience traversing both of these hiking trails. All outdoors lovers living in the Georgetown area should consider adding San Gabriel Trail and Pickett Trail to their adventure list!

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  1. Elizabeth Yow December 7, 2021

    The trails look really scenic and peaceful! Thanks for sharing about them Logan. Hopefully, I can walk there when the weather warms up.


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