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SU app launches new online dating function


SU app launches new online dating function


Dating in the times of COVID and general burnout is hard. It is even harder when you can’t leave your place of residence because you are abiding by recommended guidelines in order to slow the spread of a global pandemic. We are overworked, tired, and a little lonely as young adults right now who are missing out on prime years of connection. Luckily, Southwestern University has taken matters into its own hands in order to help its student body.

The Southwestern App has been home to students for a few years now and as students have begun to use it, Southwestern has noticed a pick up in more social use of the app. What better way to appeal to this new increased use than to add a function called SU Dating?

Hearing the pleas of needing more social interaction in a time when we are encouraged to do the opposite, Southwestern has created this new feature on their app to help give students a space to connect to others remotely through online dating. This feature follows the style of other dating apps where you select photos of yourself and write a small bio and fill out a few questions in order to give other students a general idea of who you are. From there, you swipe left or right based on interest and let the connections begin. Once you feel close enough, you can video chat and participate in socially distanced activities directly through the app.

Southwestern encourages the use of this function to be used for “platonic dating” as well since healthy connections can be found anywhere during these times, and not just romantic partnerships.

What do you think of this feature? Do you plan on using SU dating? Could you find love through this addition? Oh, and Happy April Fools Day! 😉

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