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“Don’t Try to Understand it. Feel it.” Well, I Feel that I Don’t Understand It

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“Don’t Try to Understand it. Feel it.” Well, I Feel that I Don’t Understand It


“Don’t try to understand it. Feel it,” is a phrase from the movie Tenet that has been contemplated extensively by Reddit forums, movie critics, and Chrisopher Nolan enthusiasts. This line is spoken in relation to an obscure physics concept, which I cannot begin to comprehend even after conducting copious amounts of research in an attempt to. As a result, I feel a connection with this particular quotation as instead of trying to understand the film I’ll prefer to just “feel it.” 
“What did you feel?” you might ask me. Firstly, I was baffled. Considering my inaptitude for physics, I’m exceptionally unqualified when it comes to understanding the specifics of the film’s scientific composition. I then found myself perplexed while I attempted to deconstruct an abstruse timeline, something that often accompanies any plot attempting to grapple with complex theories such as ‘the grandfather paradox’. However, I was enthralled because it is a Christopher Nolan movie, which promises a thrilling assortment of complex fight sequences, unrealistic, yet exhilarating, car chase scenes, and a plethora of attractive cast members. So as a general audience member, we can overlook the complex physics for now.

After all this preface I imagine you would like to know what the movie is about, and I would love to be able to give you a summary of the film that would do it justice. Unfortunately, anything other than a vague description would take away from, and spoil, the experience, but I’ll do my best. 

The Protagonist (yes, that’s what he is actually called), played by John David Washington, begins a covert mission to save the world from complete annihilation at the hands of a mysterious antagonist. Along the way he meets a number of individuals including Neil (Robert Pattinson), Kat (Elizabeth Debicki), and Ives (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). By teaming up, the Protagonist starts an assignment that will not only uncover the identity of his opponents but himself as well.

Hopefully that veiled synopsis enticed you into watching Tenet and experiencing it for firsthand, despite the fact that a good deal of the storyline may go over your head. Although the movie was challenging to follow, and occasionally difficult to make sense of, it succeeded in captivating my attention for days after, which, in my opinion, is an important component of a successful film. It’s a visually stunning, well-directed film, but unfortunately I worry that it is occasionally too pretentious to be comprehended by the masses. However, this is to be expected. Afterall, what did you expect from the director of Inception?

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