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Students, Beware the Cold Front!


Students, Beware the Cold Front!


It is that time of year again, where students are worried about tests, essays and fluctuating temperatures. Some days, the high will be 80 degrees. Then, a storm will pass through and make the temperature will drop to 50 degrees. Like how on November 11, the high was 74 degrees, 

then the very next day the high was 46 degrees. 

But besides sweating through your jacket because you thought it was gonna be colder than it actually was, there are numerous health concerns students should be worried about. The sudden drop can cause upper respiratory infection, throat issues and bronchitis. Then with the dramatic changes of temperature, these issues can be more prevalent. And, in close living quarters on-campus, infections can easily spread.

One student who got sick because of the changing temperatures was junior, Nathan Garcia.

“The temperature changes back and forth with the cold front really messed me up, I was starting to feel better when another one came through and brought my cough right back,” said Garcia. 

To help combat any possible illnesses that can occur during this time, students should take all cautionary measures to ensure they’re in the best possible health. This should go beyond just having cold medicine on hand; the concern here is to stop any illness from infecting the body.

Students should worry about getting seven to eight hours of sleep a night, having the right nutrients in their diets and drinking lots of water. This time of year can be hard to take care of one’s body, but remembering steps like these can prevent illnesses that could arise while studying for a test.

The Health Center also offers free services to students. If the changing temperatures are causing issues, make an appointment with them so the proper care can be administered. 

As the temperatures continue to drop, then rise back up, please remember to take care of yourself this last week of school!


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