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Puppies on Patios in Austin

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Puppies on Patios in Austin


Taking your dog with you everywhere just got a whole lot easier with the new bill that was just passed in Austin. The Texas Senate just passed a bill requiring food establishments to permit dogs on outdoor patios. But additional rules come with this newly passed bill; the first being that dogs must remain on the patio and cannot drink from human glasses. Second, the pets must access the patio directly from the exterior of the establishment. In addition, the establishment must post a sign clearly stating that dogs are permitted in the outdoor area. Also, the dog must be kept controlled on a leash and is not allowed to sit on the chairs or table. 

Many areas around Texas including San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Dallas and Houston already have laws similar to this one in place, so it was about time that Austin came around. Unfortunately, there are still other cities in Texas who, either have no law in place or they have what some owners consider heavy fees and inspections from health departments associated with allowing dogs on the property. So, make sure if you are visiting these cities you are aware of their laws so you don’t get fined or have your dog impounded. 

Since the bill has passed, dog lovers from all over the Austin and Georgetown area are now looking forward to having their lovable pets tag along more often.  Just remember to be a responsible pet owner. Know your dog’s limits and be respectful to those who may not share your love of dogs. Make sure your dog is well trained and socialized to be around other pets and small children. And remember as you share the city sights with your loyal pet, not to let your dog overheat when walking on hot summer asphalt pavement or lock your loved pet in a car with closed windows. Your responsible behavior will validate Austin’s decision to allow pups on patios. Thank you Austin! 


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