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Poem: Our Mother, Our Martyr

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Poem: Our Mother, Our Martyr


it seems an infinite back-and-forth
where we leech off of her life
since the moment of our birth
we cry out and plunge our knives

we emerge from her weary womb
to turn around and stab her through
we look her in the eye, as humans do.
do we realize that greed will be our doom?

watch her breathe in our toxicity
the poison we refuse to see
and wonder why her color starts to fade.
why her emerald eyes are looking nearly beige.

her immune system backfires
to kill us carcinogens
we succumb to plagues and drought and storms and floods and fires
then quickly rise to start killing again

see our mother die
take her breath away
her sobs fill the angry skies
as her organs all decay

and as we watch some people laugh,
some pray

and everybody’s yelling, yelling that it’s coming
but I don’t see a single soul
and everyone is screaming that this is her unbecoming
but the words just get sucked out the ozone hole

ashes from our hearts come drifting slow

do you ever feel like everyone is slowly letting go?
that they’re stomping on her hands leaving her to fall alone?

I’ll pick up my things and run
as she’s falling from the sky
but soon I’ll have to swim
when the water gets too high

sometimes it feels like we have answers
as she’s melting to the seas
we are the cures as well as cancers
to the ‘us’ that’s her disease

looks like life support is just too

and she’ll keep giving us her life, she’s much too lenient

she’s collapsing from within as we wrap plastic round her spark
and she’ll flood us with her fears
if we keep feeding the dark
the work of billions of years
in minutes, disappears


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