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10 Things to Make Life a Little Easier: We’re college students, we need it


10 Things to Make Life a Little Easier: We’re college students, we need it


As college students, life is more than hectic. There’s an 8:30, a study group, another 3 classes, practice, and at some point it’s already 9 pm and you haven’t had a second to breathe. Our schedules are crazy, it messes up our stress levels, mental health, eating schedule, and overall mood. There is no quick fix to this reality, but there are a few affordable products that will make you feel like you actually have your life together.

1. Instant Pot

Eating in college is a hassle. Between struggling to save your dining dollars, not feeling the commons, and struggling to spend even a dollar for some fast food, it’s a miracle you find a satisfying meal at all. An Instant Pot can, and will, fix this. This is no ordinary cooking utensil, and don’t you dare mistake it for a crockpot (I learned the hard way). This small pot can make anything from boiled eggs to pasta to cheesecake! With hundreds of online recipes and multiple functions all in one pot your dinner practically makes itself! Although the purchase is a bit on the larger side, it will save you a great deal in the future and provide you with the nutritious food you need to be the best student you can be.

2. Melatonin

Ironically, I am writing this at 2 AM. Sleep is important. It doesn’t only help us function, it is essential. Sleep is something a large number of students can admit to losing whether it’s from a messed up sleeping schedule, studying, or cramming in large amounts of work. The source of what’s keeping you up should be managed, and your sleep should be prioritized. Buying a bottle of Melatonin can help your brain get the proper recharging it needs. It can also help in assisting you to get back to a proper sleep schedule.

3. Blue Light Glasses

As students and adults in 2019, we spend a great deal of our time looking at screens. Blue light is a large factor of sleep deprivation. Finish assignments online, texting family back home, or any other activity involving your devices can come at a cost. Help save your eyes from straining and give yourself a better nights sleep with a pair of Blue Light Glasses! These cancel out the blue light so that when you’re wearing them you aren’t exposed to it!

4. Horizontal Glasses

Ever want to read a book in a comfortable position for more than five minutes? With horizontal glasses, you can actually lay down and still enjoy your reading without the constant straining of your neck.

5. Reusable Straws

It is 2019 everyone, participating in even small acts to help our earth and environment is the wave that everybody should jump on. Buying an iced coffee? Pop in a reusable straw to eliminate the plastic waste going into landfills. You can even get ones with designs so that you’re saving the earth and looking good while doing it.

6. Planner

At some point, we all have to realize that no, we will not remember that and yes, we do need to write it down. Planners are a necessity for every successful college student. Your planner doesn’t need to be large and decorated, but it surely can be. The most important thing is that you can take it to all your classes to keep track of all your homework assignments, due dates, presentations, and social activities. Might as well pencil in a nap while you’re at it!

7. Water bottle

Again, eliminating plastic waste is cool, and getting yourself a reusable water bottle is a great way to do it! Not only do you have constant stops at the store or cafes to purchase a bottle, but money adds up and that 2 dollar bottle every day for a week is now 14 dollars you’re out of. With water bottles being in demand right now, affordable ones are easy to find. Some can come designed and personalized, with timed reminders to drink so you get a good amount each day, or insulated to keep your iced water refreshing even hours later.

8. 15 Minute Timer

Not to sound like a cheesy Instagram relatable post, but you need your you time. This timer will help serve as a physical reminder of that and also help you get an appropriate amount of time for yourself. You can take this time to play a game, rest, write, read, anything to relax you and help you de-stress.

9. Double Hamper

Laundry already sucks, but unorganized laundry? The worst. This double hamper does the work for you in separating your whites from your colors, or your delicates from your clothes, or your clean clothes from your dirty. You get all the benefits without having to take up extra closet space.

10. Wooden Page Book Holder

We as students read, a lot. It’s in our nature. If not our own personal books, then required readings or textbooks. Even something as small as using just a little too much energy while holding a book open, dealing with it folding over, or making some makeshift paperweight for both sides can be solved. This wooden page book holder takes all the difficulty out of keeping your book open so that your only focus is the content.


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