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SGA Vice Presidential Candidate Profile: Savannah Medley


SGA Vice Presidential Candidate Profile: Savannah Medley


Hometown:  Houston

Major: Political Science

Class Year: Junior

Why did you decide to run for SGA Vice President?

I decided to run for student body Vice President first and foremost because I love Southwestern, and because I want nothing more than to give back to the place that has been such a wonderful home for me, but also because I believe that VP has the opportunity to tangibly facilitate transparent communications through the student committee process. Transparency between the administration as well as between the students is necessary, and my position as Vice President would provide me the opportunity to achieve this goal.

What changes are you hoping to make at SU?

I’m hoping to work alongside to president to establish SGA as an effective liaison between students and administration. I want to advocate for and implement increased clarity, transparency; and effective communication by publishing all minutes taken at committee meetings to all students on campus in order to increase this communication.

What has been your favorite moment at Southwestern?

I have daily favorite moments at Southwestern, and to me, the small moments, like google chatting with a professor over spring break, or like giving tours and watching prospective students’ eyes light up when they walk through the chapel or when they hear about study abroad.

Is there any other message you want to get out to the student body?

Southwestern has been my home, and it has nurtured and cared for me daily since I started here. This school and the people at it are my family. I have fully invested in making a life long commitment to this university, and I would love to start giving back by serving my student body as Vice President.