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Q&A with Up-and-Comer Kevin Garrett

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Q&A with Up-and-Comer Kevin Garrett


Photo by: Emily Booher

By: Emily Booher

Kevin Garrett, singer songwriter and Brooklyn native, opened for headliner Alessia Cara at Elmo’s East in Austin recently. His EP Mellow Drama was released in 2015 and the world is anxiously waiting for his debut record to be released.

What has it been like touring and opening for Alessia Cara?
She’s unbelievable, she’s the best part of the whole tour, and I get to see her crush it every night. She’s popping up right now, so I’m honored to be apart of it.

What’s something that you’d like fans to take away from listening to your music?

I just want them to figure it out. The point of me putting music out is for people listening to connect.  You know whenever I’m writing I’m sure it’s like something personal to me, and it still is very personal, but the reason that anybody puts music out is to help people relate and to help, you know, interact in that way. It’s very much a language in that respect, so I’m just trying to hang with people, and hope they can listen to it and relate to something- you know, that kind of vibe.

What’s something you like to keep in mind when you’re performing every night?

Keep it loose. I’ve been working on it a lot more, especially because I started standing [during our performances], and before I used to sit. It’s something I’m like super cognoscente of, and I think like the key is to not be cognoscente of it, so that’s what I’ve been working on.

Do you have a favorite song that you like to perform live?

I really like Never Knock, and it’s off the record. The reason that I like it is because if I’m supporting a headliner, and if the crowd shuts up whenever we start playing it [Never Knock], that means it’s a good night. More often than not they’ve been pretty good about it… you know it’s kind of a quiet song.

Do you have a favorite city that you’ve played so far?

Every show in Texas. Dallas, Houston, Austin, on this tour were all unbelievable, and it was the first time in all three shows [that] people put their lights up on their phones. I brought it up tonight, but the other two shows they just did it on their own. Every time I’ve come to Texas it’s always been really special, so it’s cool to be back.