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Gender Studies Conference


Gender Studies Conference


By: Natalie DeCesare

In partnership with the Associated Colleges of the South, Southwestern will host the 11th biennial Gender Studies Conference February 19th-21st. This year’s theme, “Gender Across…” explores the interdisciplinary relevance of gender through various performance mediums and invites the community to share in its dialogue.

“Gender is a topic you can approach legitimately from a variety of perspectives, such as art, literature, and history,” Representing Gender Paideia member Dr. Michael Saenger said.

Participants will have the chance to attend two main presentations: a lecture by keynote speaker Dr. Banu Subramanium, which will offer her scientific insights as an evolutionary biologist, and a play by alum theatre activist Natalie Goodnow, which will express the artistic qualities of gender.

Those who attend the conference will also view the original works and submissions from students and faculty.

“Professors from other colleges are taking groups of students to come…we’re going to have a pretty nice dialogue turnout,” Saenger said.

Panels will also facilitate the gender dialogue and focus on the commentary from different academic fields.

“We have a wonderful set of paintings done by our own faculty which are currently up in the foyer of the Fine Arts Building and addresses issues of gender, so it’s going to be really interesting to see people addressing issues from many different points of view,” Saenger said.

A mix of faculty and student presenters, graduate students, and alumni have registered for the conference. Specifically, the Representing Gender Paideia participants have taken leadership with the conference and represent a larger portion of presenters.

“There has been a number of students and faculty who have taken over elements of this, and everybody is working collaboratively, which is very nice to see,” Dr. Saenger said.

If you have not registered, everyone is welcome to attend this weekend.