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MSA’s Annual Beloved Henna Night ’24

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MSA’s Annual Beloved Henna Night ’24


On Thursday, April 25, Southwestern students participated in the Henna night at the Bishop’s Lounge. Hosted by the MSA (Muslim Student Association (MSA) and Asian Student Association (ASA), SU students decorated themselves with beautiful Mehndi designs.  

SU students celebrated Henna night through exploring new cultural traditions. Mehndi, the bodily art form, is decorated using the cultural art medium Henna. Henna has traditionally been incorporated in South Asian, North & East African, and Middle Eastern cultures. During celebrations and other festivities, this art medium is used to decorate oneself with flattering designs on one’s hands and feet. Depending on the tolerance of the skin, the reddish brown stain from Henna lasts anywhere from 4 days to 8 weeks! 

Photo by Angel Vazquez

The students were provided with plenty of Henna cones to work with. From little cats to complicated Henna designs, many students took the challenge and attempted to decorate Henna on their own. One student even decided to draw freckles on their face! However, professional Henna artists were also available to draw designs for the students. 

The tables set up in the lounge were also filled with fun activities like coloring pages, art supplies, and little personalized packets of Asian snacks for the students to munch on. The food provided a variety of Indian cuisine that included spring roll, samosas, vegetable biryani, and mango juice. As students waited for their Henna to dry, fall off, and leave their skin a beautiful masterpiece, the Henna night swiftly came to an end. 

Have a wonderful summer vacation and look forward to upcoming cultural events like the Henna night in the Fall of 2024!

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