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SING! ’24: Dreamworks Catches the Audience

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SING! ’24: Dreamworks Catches the Audience


On Saturday, March 2nd, Southwestern students tuned in to see the live performances of SU fraternities and sororities “SING!”. Put on by Student Activities, Emma Williams ‘24 and Abigail Skelton ‘25 opened the show and welcomed the audience to SING! 2024. This competition pits Greek Life groups against each other to come up with and perform a short musical act based on a common theme. This year, frats and sororities were challenged with recreating popular movies from Dreamworks Studios, including The Cat in the Hat, Flushed Away, Trolls, Shrek, Puss in Boots, and The Bee Movie. All events were hosted by Aleena Khan ‘24 and Coordinator of Student Activities, Evan Alexander.

First to perform was the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, colloquially known as Pike. They chose to recreate a skit based on Cat in the Hat, the famous Dr. Seuss book and movie. In the skit, narrated by Damien Morales ‘25, the Cat in the Hat stole “Monstrance”, the famous statue outside of the library, to which many students offer tributes for better grades. It was up to the Pike fraternity to rescue it from the Cat and his many “Things”.

Pike performing “Cat in the Hat”, photo by Asin Allavudeen

Up next was the Kappa Alpha Order, who picked Flushed Away as their movie of choice. The entire act was centered around a rat getting assigned to Ruter, and then being flushed down the toilet to join the magical “Ruteropolis” which was headed by a mysterious country-accented suit-wearing man named Brit Ratz, a pun on Dean Brit Katz’s name and a play on the term “Ruter Rats”. The term is used commonly around campus, with one definition referring to Ruter residents.

KA performing “Flushed Away”, photo by Asin Allavudeen

After KA was Delta Delta Delta, or Tri Delt, who chose to perform Trolls. In it, Poppy the protagonist, played by Katherine Lunam ‘24, attends Southwestern University and explores campus, accompanied by big dance numbers, and encounters the frightening Bergans–evil spirits mocking President Trombley, Brit Katz, and others.

Tri Delt performing “Trolls”, photo by Asin Allavudeen

After an intermission, Kappa Alpha performed a song of theirs. During their act, due to technical difficulties, the music wouldn’t play. The song was sung by the character Brit Ratz and parodied “I Got Friends on the Other Side” from the animated Disney movie, The Princess and the Frog.

Kappa Sigma performed next, recreating the movie Shrek. In this act, an evil President Trombley–in the style of Lord Farquad–wanted to demolish all the frat houses, with only Kappa Sigma to stand in her way. Shrek was played by Drake Meier ‘25, who comedically chose to use a country accent instead of a Scottish one. A clear highlight was the solo performed by Sam Hoffman ‘27, who played the evil President Trombley, singing about bulldozing all the frat houses to put in more parking, and mocking the newly installed pickleball court.

Sig performing “Shrek”, photo by Asin Allavudeen

Alpha Phi Omega put on a show about the cat Puss in Boots from the movie Puss n Boots. This followed Zoe Hein ‘26 playing Puss n Boots and Layla Sinno ‘24 playing Kitty Softpaws on their quest home after stealing the beloved Southwestern statue Monstrance, while on the run from SU Police. This adventure led Puss in Boots through secret underground tunnels below Southwestern, as well as dramatic fights and big songs and dances.

APO performing “Puss n Boots”, photo by Asin Allavudeen

Finally, Alpha Xi Delta finished the night by performing a skit about The Bee Movie, the cult classic film. This act featured a new Bee, played by Caroline Davis ‘25, exploring Southwestern University. It included segments mocking the university’s lack of sorority houses, as well as a song about President Trombley being the “Queen Bee” embellishing a fantastic performance with elaborate costuming.

AXiD performing “The Bee Movie”, photo by Asin Allavudeen

At the end of the night, Phi Kappa Alpha won Best Set Design, Alpha Xi Delta won Best Costumes, Kappa Sigma won Best Story, and Alpha Xi Delta won Favorite Character as well as People’s Overall Choice. In the judges rankings, Delta Delta Delta scored third place with their Trolls skit. Kappa Sigma won a second-place trophy, and Alpha Xi Delta won First Place as a clear overall winner, taking home four different awards.

Ultimately, the show satirized some very common Southwestern occurrences. President Trombley and Brit Katz were frequently a topic, as well as the supposed “Ruter Rats”. The campus’s lack of sorority housing was a punchline, alongside the fact that the Fine Arts Building is sinking into the ground. Overall, Alpha Xi Delta took home the trophy in a wonderful showcase of Southwestern Greek Life for both students and guests alike.

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