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Senior Season: Mardi Gras Masque Ball

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Senior Season: Mardi Gras Masque Ball


The Mardi Gras Masque Ball occurred in the McCombs ballrooms on February 13, 2024. The air filled with excitement for the celebration of the Senior Class of 2024 and the formal announcement of the Royalty for the Krewe du Piracy, elected by members of the Senior class. 

Student Life staff members checked in students and gave them wristbands and drink tickets. Upon entering the ballroom, the DJ set a vibrant energy, decorations fitting the Mardi Gras theme, an array of lights, and magnificent balloon arches. Students celebrated this Mardi Gras Masque Ball with free glow sticks and beads.  

The ballroom came alive with a conga line, students mingling around tables, and an array of snacks featuring an assortment of cheese, crab cakes, and the night’s highlight – beignets. Amidst the revelry, the venue offered numerous photo opportunities, including two designated photo booths, inflatables in line with the Mardi Gras theme, and a Barbie photo box. To add to the festive spirit, a drink station featured signature non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, complementing the lively and celebratory atmosphere. 

Photo by Danielle Ferebee

The pinnacle of the evening arrived with the announcement of the Royal Krewe. Dr. Katz took the stage to announce each member’s significant contributions to the campus and hand them a placard. The elected royalty, including Kathryn Altman, Jeremy Harper, Teddy Hoffman, Anderson Johnson, Aleena Khan, Lalli Lugo, Natasha Ndele, Layla Sinno, Raul Villa, and Elizabeth Yow, was announced with great fanfare. Natasha Ndele and Layla Sinno were crowned Duchesses of the Krewe, receiving scepters, tiaras, and royal capes during the festivities.

The night continued with students dancing, enjoying food, and capturing memories through photos. The DJ kept the energy high with hits including “DJ Got Us Fallin in Love,” “Gasolina,” and “Barbie Girl,” concluding the celebration with the penultimate Middle School line dance classic, “The Cupid Shuffle.”

The Mardi Gras Masque Ball was a night of joy, good vibes, celebration, and shared moments, marking a memorable celebration for the Senior Class.

Photo by Danielle Ferebee

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