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Southwestern’s Sea-Farer Soiree was a Hit!

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Southwestern’s Sea-Farer Soiree was a Hit!


On the evening of December 1 2023, Southwestern students danced the night away at the Georgetown Community Center for the Seafarer’s Soiree. The dance ran from 8:00 PM to 10:30 PM.

At the event there was a dancing mosh pit with a DJ and a light show for students to enjoy, as well as many other amenities. Attendees could jump into the photobooth for a quick pic with their friends or dates, and get to take home a fun souvenir too! There was also a caricature artist on hand ready to sketch a fun pic for everyone from Brit Katz to Evan Alexander! Students were also able to get tarot card readings done from a psychic at the soiree; it was so popular that long lines stretched back from it for most of the dance, as students awaited their futures to be foretold. 

Photo by Danielle Ferebee

“My favorite part of the Soiree was the Tarot card readings, 100 percent. I honestly thought the wait time was pretty worth it for what I got,” Aiden Caceres says, “A very close second though was the music and getting to dance with my friends.”

Student Activities did a great job bringing in the tarot reader. When asked what his favorite part of the soiree was, another student, Jackson Feuerbacher said, “The Tarot card reading. Oh, that and singing Bohemian Rhapsody with the group right at the end.”

Even Ms. Ella was getting in on the action, notably boogieing down with glow sticks on the dance floor and dragging in students lingering on the sidelines.

Students had several favorite songs played. Aiden Caceres continues about his favorite by Maggie Reilly, “Every Time We Touch. I used to listen to that song religiously in middle school and I still remember all the lyrics by heart. So to me, it has a special place in my heart and getting to hear it again brought me back to when I was a little kid.”

Overall, the Seafarer’s Soiree was a success among students of all grades- and with the Tarot, the Caricatures, the Photobooth, and of course the dancing, why wouldn’t it be?

Photo by Danielle Ferebee

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