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A Finals Study Playlist

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A Finals Study Playlist


It’s that time of the year again. The weather is colder, Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is closer, and finals are just around the corner. While you stock up on coffee and energy drinks, leave desperate offerings for Monstrance, and regret your decision to skip taking notes in class – here is a finals study playlist that will help you pass. 

A.M. RADIO – The Lumineers

Tune in to the A.M. Radio with The Lumineers to start your studying off right! Whether you’re up with the sun at 6 A.M. or chasing the moon at 12 A.M., this song will give you the push you need to dive into that mountain of textbooks.

Busyhead – Noah Kahan

Most people are familiar with Noah Kahan’s newest album, but this song from his older album is very relevant when you’re cramming for finals. Grab your study essentials, lose yourself into this song, and all you busyheads – just keep breathing.

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

This, for obvious reasons, is a great pick me up for when your studying seems to be getting a little tough. Power through the dreaded study standstill by grabbing your choice of energy resources – whether that comes in the form of coffee, tea, or energy drinks – and play this song to the sound of overcoming finals week!

De Selby (Part 1) – Hozier

If you’re looking for peaceful music with meaningful lyrics, any song by Hozier will suffice. This song is beautiful in that it immediately entrances, calms the nerves, and leaves you wanting more. In this song, Hozier introduces his graceful native language and supplies an alluring background which somehow makes your studying seem less daunting. 

Calm Down – All Time Low

So, you’ve been studying for hours, and that familiar wave of fear and panic are creeping in? Take a step back and calm down by listening to this song by All Time Low. This song is energizing, and it allows you to take your frustration out by singing along to these fun and relatable lyrics.  

Miles to Go – Gregory Alan Isakov

Play this song as a reminder that finals will be over before you know it. You only have to push to give your best and work as hard as you can for a couple of weeks, and yes, it feels like you have miles to go, but soon you’ll be home.

I’ll Sleep When I’m Older – Bruno Major

It’s that time when the nights are getting longer, and you are having a hard time fitting sleep into your schedule. It will be a hard task to find the strength to sacrifice your nap time, but if you prioritize your studying, while also making sure to care for your mental health, your hard work will pay off. You can always sleep when you’re older. 

long story short – Taylor Swift

If you need any encouragement about getting through finals, give this song a listen… long story short, you’ll survive.

These are just a select few in a collection of calm and peaceful music mixed with upbeat and energetic songs that will keep you on your toes, and make sure that you don’t doze. If you are looking for an extended version of this finals study playlist, click here for more. Happy listening, and good luck!

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