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SU Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

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SU Instagram Accounts You Should Follow


Eight Southwestern-related Instagram accounts you need to follow….

Whether you’re looking for a campus cat or looking to take a cat-nap— there’s an SU Instagram page for you. 


Much like the account @whenwherewhataustin, @whenwherewhatsu gives updated reports of what is happening around the SU campus. It’s basically like the student activities Instagram except it posts about the most popular and relevant events on campus like fraternity parties, movie nights, and concerts. 


The southwestern internships page @suinterns is incredibly helpful if you’re looking for internships. The account highlights current and former students who completed internships in various fields including marketing, psychology, computer science, and many more. Each post details where the student interned, what their responsibilities were, and the professional skills they gained. 


This account’s username is pretty self-explanatory. If you park like shit on campus— you’ll likely end up on @southwesternshitparking. Their posts make me feel seen- I hate parking next to someone with zero regard for the cars around them. I’m glad someone stepped up to call out students who pollute SU parking lots with their haphazard parking. 

Photo by Iris Dannelley


This is my personal favorite on the list. I love seeing all of @sucampuscats adorable photos of the cats who live on campus and reading updates about them. If you want to know what the campus cats are up to give SU campus cats a follow. Who doesn’t want fluffy cats in their Insta feed?


This account @suaffirmations is really quirky but worth a follow. It posts memes and other silly things that are relatable for Southwestern students. If you have a pet peeve about something on campus, SU affirmations will probably post about it. 


SU Pirates posts the location and time of all the Southwestern sports games plus the scores afterwards. It also highlights the outstanding athletes who break records and win awards! If you want to stay updated on SU athletics and support our university’s sports teams @supirates is a must-follow. 


If you’re not on Yik Yak, this account may not be of interest to you. But if you are a Yik Yak-er— you’ve probably read some of the bizarre yet entertaining things SU students post. When Yik Yak-ers aren’t starting rumors or complaining, they’re actually saying some really funny things. The @subestyaks Instagram highlights the greatest and weirdest of them all.


Okay, so this account is highly underrated. It posts places around campus to take a nap and rates them. If you’ve ever been too exhausted between classes to walk home and take a nap in your own bed, check out SU sleeps’ posts and find your new favorite nap spot. The account also is good for getting an idea of where you shouldn’t nap on campus.

And of course, make sure to follow us @su_megaphone!

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