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Tunes Tuesday: Spring ’23 Up-Beats!

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Tunes Tuesday: Spring ’23 Up-Beats!


January marks the return of the all-to-familiar college student to-do list. It’s the start of a new semester and we’re all working on getting back into the swing of our school routines! With the long list of responsibilities each semester brings, finding a balance between social life, work, and school can prove a daunting task. So, the Megaphone has compiled a Spotify playlist and an Apple Music playlist of “up-beats” to help motivate our fellow Pirates while they are learning to navigate their new, hectic schedules! The raw and authentic tracks on this playlist are meant to uplift and encourage listeners. Southwestern students can use this playlist to meditate and decompress, as these songs help them to find the silver lining in all the stress and commotion. Feel free to queue these bumpin’ beats while you’re grinding out your assignments in the library. Hit shuffle to destress on your last-minute run to H-E-B or while you embark on a therapeutic, late-night drive down University Ave. Turn to these tracks to get through that last hour of studying needed to ace your first exam. Remember—no pressure, no diamonds! Hang in there, Pirates!

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