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In the Name of Progress

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In the Name of Progress


In the name of progress…

Family is only family in regards to cost-effective plans—

On the various platforms like Netflix and Hulu ,

Family is no longer about who is sitting near you—At the dining table 

Family is determined by the political beliefs that you have.

In the name of progress…

Faith is determined by stream worthy fads.

God is no longer a concrete truth,

Spirituality changes as fast as things are uploaded to YouTube, 

God is whatever is trending on your internet tab.

In the name of progress…

Love is reduced to the like button tap,

We are connected to too many influencers and connected to too few—family members,

We have reduced personality into content on a social media app.

In the name of progress…

Face-to-face contact has been replaced by the interface,

We believe quantity replaces quality: 

The higher your body count or Instagram follower amount, the more value you have.

In the name of progress…

We’ve forgotten how to resolve conflict,

You can’t simply unsubscribe when your co-worker makes you mad.

In the name of progress…

We’ve reduced healthy confrontation to the tap—of the “follow” button and wonder why we have—

Increasing divorce and suicide rates,

We have to “how-to” happiness because our progress has made us collectively sad. 

How much do we have to morally regress—

Before we address—that our technological progress—is a deceiving trap?

We sell our well-being for multi-millionaires to profit off of soul-sucking apps.

Do you still call that progress? 

Photo by Iris Dannelley

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