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The Sigs Pretended They Were in High School Musical and This is How it Went

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The Sigs Pretended They Were in High School Musical and This is How it Went


If you’ve ever walked into the Kappa Sig frat you might’ve gotten confused and thought you walked into a hungover version of High School Musical because of half the frat’s obsession with singing and musicals. However, though the Sig boys can sing they are unfortunately not the Wild Cats, but Will Malick, Sig’s star of the night, just *might be* more attractive than Zac Efron. Kappa Sig came away with best singing, best story, and 3rd place overall. Go them! While we *could* attribute this to Will Malick’s dreamy voice, Evan Alexander’s hilarious President Trombley costume, and their overall phenomenal writing skills, I think we can all agree it’s because we liked watching a fan-favorite frat put their performance skills to use.

Now onto the tri-delts: if we’re sticking with the high school musical theme, then Katherine Lunum is the Sharpay Evans of Southwestern with her bubbly personality and an obvious great relationship with the spotlight. The tri-deltas finished second, but they are first place in my heart for having the hottest hostess with the mostest: Katya Piekarski! Caden Cox, we miss you, but New York can keep you a little longer if it means letting Katya have the spotlight for a while with her playful humor and not-to-mention killer looks in that blue dress!  DLAM! 

Last but most definitely not least, AXiD took home the gold with first place! They also won best costume, best choreography, and people’s choice. Their rendition of Cell Block Tango is still stuck in my head, and Haley Renshaw was a show-stopper in her white corset and tennis skirt.

SING, Haley Renshaw, Alma Thomas Theatre, 2021
Photo by Ash Delias

If you haven’t been able to watch SING before or COVID has warped your concept of time so much that you forgot about it, it’s never too late to mark your calendars for next year! Though there were only 3 rankings, each sorority worked hard and dazzled the audience with a pleasant performance. Be sure to check it out next year! 

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