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Halloween House Decorations

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Halloween House Decorations


With Halloween around the corner, the people of Georgetown are decorating their homes to get in the spooky spirits. Georgetown is known for its festive livelihood and southern hospitality, so when it’s time for a celebration of any kind, everyone goes all out. We decided to take pictures of the more impressive and detailed decorations to highlight just how creative our community can be.

Skeletons line the lawn of this home in a scene that depicts a hospital. There is a patient whose leg is hoisted up by a sling while a doctor and a nurse are hovering over him. Were they the ones who put him in this place of misery? Another patient stands on the other side of the lawn, struggling to stand, holding onto the drip for her dear life. But she’s already dead. The family sitting on the bench–joined by the family pet–most likely eager to hear the good news that their loved ones are okay. How long have they been waiting there? Much longer than a lifetime, that much is apparent.

Across the way, more skeletons can be seen against blue and red colored lights. These colors express their sorrow and their rage of the lost loved ones whose graves they are standing over. Or is it their own graves they are standing over? Perhaps they came back to the land of the living to seek revenge on those who did them wrong. Or maybe they decided to come alive during this Halloween season to join in on the festivities. Rumor has it, if you drive by in the dead of night, you can see them digging new graves.

A few streets down, on a porch with an eerie orange glow, any passerby can make out the lovely skeleton couple holding hands over their table with their little skeleton kitten sitting obediently at their feet. But, upon closer inspection, one can make out the skulls that line the wall of the house. Whose heads were those? The couple could look no more content. Are they merely collectors of decapitated heads? Or do the skulls belong to those who regretfully trespassed onto their property? Only the lovely couple–and possibly their cat–knows the answer to that.

The lawn, filled with graves and tombstones, glows an ominous blue in front of this home. Of course, it’s easy to imagine skeletons and possibly zombies, but there is a sign that gives a warning: “Keep calm and carry garlic.” This only means one thing: vampires. Where are they hiding? Are they lurking off in the shadows of this quiet graveyard, or are they creeping around the greater Georgetown area? Only the ghouls know. But if I had to give one word of advice? You better be carrying garlic around no matter where you go. Just in case.

The last home featured is a relatively cute scene. Ghosts, pumpkins, and scarecrows huddle together around a sign that reads “Happy Halloween.” There is a skeleton–sporting a lovely New York Yankees ballcap–who is cradling a very happy looking Jack Skellington. None of these figures seem to be threatening, but honestly, you never know. It all could just be a facade to cover their true, malicious agendas this Halloween season.

These homes and their decorations can be found down Church, 16th, Main, and Austin.

Photos by Alex Thompson.


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