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Area Student Signs Honor Code Despite Breaking It


Area Student Signs Honor Code Despite Breaking It


In a move that no school administrator could have seen coming, area student, who we will refer to as Sarah for the purpose of anonymity, signed Southwestern’s honor code even after cheating on her exam. Sarah went to her Intro to Biology class that morning ready to take her exam knowing that she’d ace it. For you see, the night before, instead of studying, she spent that time searching for the answer key that her professor kept in a folder in her desk. The student, smart enough to get into Southwestern decided that her time would be best spent in search of the answers to the test. Kids like Sarah scoff in the face of the honor code council.

“What would those goody-two-shoes do to me?” Students like her say to themselves, “And that’s if I even get caught.”

With an evil laugh, Sarah secretly wrote the correct answers on the inner part of her arm. On her way to class, however, she was stopped by a fellow student.

“Hey Sarah, is that a new tattoo?” The innocent bystander asked.

“Uh, nah, just one of those temporary stickers.” Sarah used some quick thinking.

“Oh cool.” The other student smiled and let Sarah pass, and she made it the rest of the way to class without incident. In a true stroke of genius, Sarah made sure to spend an “appropriate” amount of time on each question, just so she didn’t look too suspicious. Then, when time was up, she turned in the exam to her professor with a smile. Unfortunately, nobody suspected a thing. It saddens this journalist to know that some students would even consider dishonestly writing the honor code on their paper. I mean, surely these students have some principles.