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Pie Five Pizza Co Review

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Pie Five Pizza Co Review


By: Bonnie Lambert

You may have noticed a new pizza joint has opened in the Wolf Ranch Town Center and wondered just what the place is about. Well, the place is Pie Five Pizza, and you will find that it’s worth checking out on your next pizza run!

If you’re worried about never having heard of this fast-food restaurant before, don’t worry; it’s a relatively new franchise. The first store was five years ago and it has been steadily growing in locations as well as popularity.

Pie Five works similarly to Subway in that you are able to build your meal with as many toppings as you want or pick from a menu of pre-made food. There are seven kinds of sauce, four kinds of crust, including gluten free, and twenty-eight different toppings, so the ways to mix and match are endless! They also make salads and a variety of desserts, so there really is something for everyone.

The Georgetown location opened recently, and it still has that new store aesthetic: very clean and organized. The staff was friendly and helpful in explanations of food items, and the overall atmosphere of the place was inviting.

The pizza itself impressed me a lot. Just as the name suggests, it was cooked and ready in five minutes. The crust may leave a little to be desired, but the rest of the ingrediants worked together well to create a delicious and filling meal.

Pie Five is the perfect bet for college students. Not only is it just across the highway from Southwestern, but an entire personal pizza with unlimited toppings is just under $8, and a plain cheese pizza is only $6.

The next time you need to decide where to get pizza for dinner, I recommend forgoing the usual Little Caesar’s or Dominos and try out Pie Five. It won’t remain undiscovered for long, so be sure to go before the place gets packed!