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Student Offers Perspective on Mid-College Crisis


Student Offers Perspective on Mid-College Crisis


By: Jonathan Lauret

Time has always been a strange concept to me. It flows ever forward, stretching and contracting, slowing down and speeding up at seemingly random points. The strangest yet most obvious thing about time for me is that once a period of time is over, it always seems to have gone by rather fleetingly, whether it’s a minute, a day, or a year. My period of time here at Southwestern University has felt no different.

As a sophomore, it seems like only yesterday I stepped foot on campus for the first time. I realize that that sounds like a really stereotypical thing for someone to say, but it’s said with the utmost sincerity in this case.

The idea that I am already at the middle of my college career is insanity to me. I feel like I just started! Do I really already need to declare a major? Things like upper-level credits and the process of getting an internship seemed so far away just a few months ago, so why should I already have to start thinking about them?

It’s mostly these kinds of questions that seem to constitute a mid-college crisis, all of which are based on the insidious swiftness of time. Can whoever is in charge here give me a little more time to decide what I want to do for the rest of my life?! Alas, I’ve found that all I can do is decide what I would like to be my lifeway as quickly as I can and hope for the best.

Luckily for students here at Southwestern, we have (for the most part) amazing advisers and professors who can guide us to the path best suited for us. It feels as if I haven’t been at Southwestern for a very long time, but so far I can definitely say that communication and good relationships with your advisors and professors are key to a pleasant experience in college.

A good way to find out which discipline we would like to declare as our major is to talk to our professors. They basically are representatives for the discipline they specialize in, so it’s always good to get accurate perspectives on what a subject is and if you like it or not from the representative of that subject.

And again, time flies! You’ll be a first-year who seemingly doesn’t have to worry too much about declaring a major and in a flash you’ll be a sophomore who is expected to have an idea of what they want to do for the rest of their life. First-years, try to keep this in mind! Hopefully by reading this you’ll be able to get a head start on what you should be doing around your sophomore year and beyond. Talking to your advisor and professors does a number on what your experience as a student will be like.

Academic technicalities aside, try to enjoy your four years at Southwestern! Savor the environment, the people, and the learning experiences, because there aren’t many places quite like this. Keep track of time and don’t blink, or else you just might find yourself graduating in the next moment!