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SGA Presidential Candidate: Emilie Fisher


SGA Presidential Candidate: Emilie Fisher


Hometown: Beaumont, TX
Major: Political Science
Class Year: 2018

Why did you decide to run for SGA president?

I spent the past year serving as the Student Body Parliamentarian.  This job required the ability to effectively communicate with students and translate their ideas and concerns into formal legislation in order the make those ideas a reality.  Through this work, I realized what a passion I have for communicating with students and being an advocate for their voices.  I want to serve as the president of SGA in order to spend more time highlighting the impactful contributions of students.

What changes are you hoping to make at SU?

Communication is really important to me.  I feel as though the way information is transmitted on campus is not operating in the most effective way. Additionally, student voices are lost in this process and I want SGA to serve as the platform for students to utilize in order to contribute to campus conversation in the most efficient way.  Students deserve to be heard and I want to change the role SGA plays in these conversations in order to operate to our fullest potential as being representative of our constituents.

What has been your favorite moment at Southwestern?

At the beginning of this academic year I organized a student body forum on the topic of student safety on campus.  I had Dean Buckley, Derek Timourian, SUPD Chief Dunn, and representatives from all four fraternities serve as panelists to provide statements and answer questions from students about safety concerns.  It was a moment of pure pride and appreciation for a campus so willing to come together from all corners of the university, put aside some of their differences, and foster an environment of open dialogue and willingness to work together to keep students safe.  I feel as though my hand in that process and seeing it all unfold was truly my favorite moment here so far.