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Four Students Named Sumners Scholars


Four Students Named Sumners Scholars


Photo By: Sherlyn Ong

By: Natalie DeCesare

Sumners scholarship recipients sophomores Sophia Anthony, Rachel Arco, Lacey Bowersox, and Emilie Fisher will receive $10,000 per year in addition to educational opportunities in support of civic engagement. Sponsored by the Hatton W. Sumners Foundation, this two-year award supports undergraduate studies in political science, pre-law, history, journalism, education, and related fields.

The Trustees expect each Sumners Scholar to develop or strengthen their understanding of, and appreciation for, the underlying principles of America’s representative democracy; become politically informed and actively participate in the democratic process on the local, state and national levels; honor their civic responsibilities by committing their time, talent and treasure to the betterment of the larger community; and actively assist the Foundation in carrying out its charitable purpose,” the Foundation’s Trustees said.

To become a scholarship candidate, students must demonstrate excellent civic responsibility, academic proficiency, and leadership experience. After an interview with the Foundation’s Trustees, selected students become part of a network of continuing education and job opportunities.

 “For years the Sumners Foundation has provided Southwestern students with transformative experiences and support. They have an uncanny knack for finding some of our highest achieving and most civically engaged students. It’s exhilarating to play a small part in a program that is so beneficial to both our students and the world beyond Southwestern,” Director of National Fellowships and Scholarships and Associate Professor of English David Gaines said.

For political science and English dual major Lacey Bowersox, opportunities to attend leadership conferences, panels and luncheons immediately followed her scholarship acceptance. In this way, students become exposed to the broad field of public policy and civic engagement, while also having the chance to narrow their interest.

“This scholarship is known across the United States and acts as a prominent achievement that looks very nice on a resume. By being a Hatton W. Sumners Scholar, it opens the door to an incredible amount of opportunities that I would otherwise not have the privilege to experience. This scholarship not only makes my desire to receive a degree in Law more feasible, but makes me a stronger and more competitive applicant when applying for graduate or law programs, as well as future job opportunities,” Bowersox said.

Bowersox also acknowledges all those who helped her achieve this merit-based program, and encourages other students to apply.

“I’d like to thank the Sumners committee that selected me for this great honor; it has impacted my life in such a tremendous way that I don’t know how to say thank you enough! Secondly to my mother for being honest about how my initial essay wasn’t the greatest and for helping me along the way to achieve this goal,” Bowersox said.

Interested students can obtain more information regarding how to apply for the 2017 Sumners Scholarship by contacting Dr.Gaines. Each year, the Foundation’s Trustees may select two to five rising juniors.