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Midwest Matrix: Texas Exhibition Comes to Gallery

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Midwest Matrix: Texas Exhibition Comes to Gallery


Photo Courtesy of Kristen Van Patten

By Cynthia Zaragoza

Among the prints on display at the opening reception on Jan. 30 of the Midwest Matrix: Texas exhibit is Jason Urban’s Letterform which covers an entire wall in deep orange-red lines that captures the eye. The exhibit focuses and displays an array of distinct prints composed of 24 artists including Victoria Star Varner.

One of the most novel pieces is “According to Kastom” by Wendy Calman which is interactive.

“You can put a slide in and its 3D. I looked at the images and it’s slightly off, so when your eyes see them it looks 3D,” junior Selena Salva said.

John Hitchcock’s “Chemically Wasted Buffalo” screen print also stood out because of its layering technique of blue and gray tones.

The only disappointment of the night was the screening of the Midwest Matrix video. The audience was subjected to a commercial-esque documentary that lasted for more than an hour. Production in sound, editing, composition and overall talking heads was deeply flawed. The mention of  “Nebraskans’ oppression” is laughable and the point of view is skewed to that of mainly white males. The video was repetitive in recounting of the printmaking revival in the United States which left much to be desired.

Although the video was a letdown, the gallery exhibit does reflects the innovation that printmaking has taken in the United States. The prints vary in color, style, as well as encompassing other mediums. Visitors were left with new knowledge about the different techniques.

“Each one is made a different way: one is with the screen process, one is with blocks. Then there are other ways like etching that I’m not really sure what goes into it,” said Salva.

Overall the exhibit opening drew many students, and people from the local Georgetown community. The stunning prints are on display in the gallery until Feb. 25 and is open from 1-5 p.m. daily.