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Where Should You Go…

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Where Should You Go…


By Abe Martinez

…if you need a Saturday lunch pick-me-up when you know you will be doing homework all weekend? Check out San Pedro Limon, Georgetown’s ultimate Taqueria and Tortilleria and hangover cure center, where you can get really cheap tacos without sacrificing actually fresh ingredients. You can’t go wrong with barbacoa and their scrumptious egg combinations, but if you’re feeling adventurous definitely nom on a taco de chicharron in their flavorful green sauce (add lime and cilantro to get a ticket to taco heaven). And yes, everything on their menu goes great with a large glass bottle of sugar-cane Coca-Cola. This too shall pass, boo.

…if your wardrobe is missing items that could be used for the never-ending theme parties we have on campus and your vintage clothing collection is a bit embarrassing? If you can make the trip, Blue Hanger at 6505 Burleson Rd. in Austin is your destination! Several Southwesterners swear by the amazingly inexpensive treasures they find here, however, bring a pair of gloves if possible because you’ll be sifting through large bins of stuff (okay who didn’t wish they could do that as a kid?). So, bring out your inner child and embark on an adventure that will save your closet from the evil clutches on mondanity.