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10 Times President Burger was Just Like Us


10 Times President Burger was Just Like Us


President Burger is absolutely iconic. It’s a rare occurrence on most college campuses to ever see the president, but Burger spends a lot of time on campus interacting with students and other faculty members. Here are ten times President Burger was relatable AF.

When he was shopping at H.E.B because he knows that it’s the best place in Texas (and probably the world) to buy groceries.

When he was active in politics, but knew that it could get messy.

When he hangs out in Korouva for open-mic nights.

When he rides a pirate bike, knowing it’s the best transportation on campus (especially when you’re late to class)!

Like all of us, Burger made questionable fashion choices in the past…

And these days he makes slightly less questionable fashion choices.

When he went to the Student Involvement Fair and got free stuff from each organization, fully aware that he wouldn’t have time for most of these meetings.

When he was a good kid and spent time with his mother.

When he made a podcast to question today’s youth. Who hasn’t spent extra energy complaining about “Kids these days…”

When he was thankful for Southwestern University and all the people we work and live with.